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Just had our first round of vaccinations for the trip. 3 needles in total and two very sore deltoids for each of us.
That was a $500 visit to the doctors which seems expensive when you think that is more than the spending money we are taking to Thailand for 2 days.
But the fun is not over, there is 2 more visits to the docs for another round of the Hep A and B.
Better than getting sick though, the old 'Prevention is Better than Cure' .

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Getting Started!

Planning Stage

Most of the accommodation is organised.

Just waiting for Yeosu to release dates so that we can book. The hotels there only release rooms 30 days in advance which means I'll be booking the week before we leave Brisbane, which is a scary prospect if I can't book in.

Still need to buy train pass for Japan and organise voucher for the Hydrofoil crossing from Busan, South Korea to Fukuoka, Japan.

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